Jody Abel and Callen Petersen at the airport
14 September 2017
Acoustic Element and Jimmy Nevis
29 September 2017
ALT EGO in Stockholm, Sweden

ALT EGO’s first major international gig proved to be a major success – on and off the stage!

The past week proved to be a major career milestone for us. To think that back in 2010, we were just two young kids from the northern suburbs of Cape Town, messing around with a violin and acoustic guitar – mostly for family and friends. Fast-track seven years, and we get booked for our first major act outside South Africa!

So you can imagine the whirlwind of emotions…

After months and months of preparation, which included mastering the turntables as DJs for the first time, we packed our bags and jetted off to Stockholm, Sweden, where we were scheduled to perform at Cafe Opera on Saturday, 16 September.

We had recently visited Europe during our holiday in Holland and Croatia in July, but we knew this was going to be a different experience. After all, this was work.

Having seen the amazing nightlife and EDM scene in Europe, we always wondered how our music would be received by a foreign market. And after landing in the Swedish capital two days before our show, we finally had the opportunity to find out.

Arriving early gave us time to settle in, which was great. Sweden is a beautiful country – with so many beautiful people! We went sightseeing, which included walks through the town and visits to their amazing castle. We learned a lot about their culture and heritage, while we also enjoyed one of the best burgers we’ve ever eaten.

And when the sun eventually set, we were surprised by the Stockholm’s upbeat nightlife. The Swedes are so respectful and orderly during the day, but boy, oh boy… do they know how to party!

Saturday night finally arrived and we were ready to hit the stage at Cafe Opera, known as one of the biggest clubs in Scandinavia. We picked up that the locals enjoyed EDM, commericial music and Swedish pop, so we were excited to introduce our acoustic-electronic sound.

The gig proved to be a major hit!

We played two two acoustic sets, which was very well received, and DJ’d for the rest of the night. We also played alongside popular Swedish band Micke Syd/Tommy Ekman, who are famous for being associated with Roxette’s band. They set the bar quite high by performing the Swedish traditional songs, but the crowd reacted very well to the ALT EGO sound.

The highlight of the night was when Callen grabbed his violin and jumped onto the DJ table and started jamming to Get Wild (click here to watch on Facebook). The response was amazing as people in the audience said they had never experienced this sort of act before. Many said they appreciated our unique sound.

The night proved to be a memory that we will remember for the rest of our lives. The organisers also said that we would be welcomed back with open arms, so we will definitely be planning to return one day.

In addition to our successful performance, we had the chance to met up with a label owner and songwriters, and we chatted about possible future collaborations.

We have accomplished so much since launching ALT EGO earlier this year, but our journey in Sweden made us even prouder of our music. Our week in Stockholm has inspired us to continue our experimentation between acoustic and electronic music… and we’re excited to bring you more material in the near future.

Stay tuned!

To book Acoustic Element or ALT EGO, contact manager Lauren Parks on or 081 510 3062.