26 May 2017
ALT EGO's successful launch
19 June 2017
ALT EGO enjoys launch success

ALT EGO expressed their delight around the notable success around their debut album launch.


We can’t stress this enough… we are humbled by the amazing response to ALT EGO. When we started working on the concept last year, we had no idea that we would attract so much interest to our new brand of music.

Of course, we were excited to showcase a new sound and enter a new industry, but the reactions and growth over short period of time has exceeded our expectations.

Last Friday, we were proud to officially launch our debut album, which did very well on the iTune charts. After day one and two, we reached the summit of the most downloaded dance album in South Africa, which saw us feature alongside the likes of Kyle Watson, Timo ODV, Goodluck and Gold Fish. We also featured in the Top 10 of the most downloaded album overall.

To feature on the cover of The Good Weekend in the Weekend Argus (below), a newspaper we grew up reading, was another special moment.

“These achievements mean a lot to us because we look up to these acts. We attend their shows whenever we can and their work has a huge influence on the music we create,” explains Jody Abel.

“They’ve been our inspiration since day one, so to feature in the same league is a huge compliment and honour.

“A special thanks to all the support from family, friends and fans, who played their part in buying our music. We know that buying music online no longer offers a massive return in the industry, but to receive so many downloads on iTunes means that our music is making an impact, which we’re really proud of.”

The download statistics also helped us discover what sound the public enjoys.  While there was a great range among all songs on the album, “Call Me Crazy”, “Embrasse Moi” and “Take What You Want From Me” proved to be the most popular.

“These insights play a big role in how we’ll roll out our music in future. We now understand the sound that the general public enjoys the most and that will form a big part of our strategy going forward,” explains Callen Petersen.

“As mentioned before, ALT EGO has taken us into new territory. While there’s a lot to be proud of, there’s still so much more work to do. We’re excited and hope to continue this amazing momentum. More importantly, we want to make our mark on the South African music scene.”

So where to from here for ALT EGO? We will have a celebratory event on 15 June at the famous One and Only Hotel at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. And there’s so much more to come thereafter.

“Our journey has just begun!” says Jody. “We’ve received so many exciting opportunities over the past month, which we’re really looking forward to. From playing at festivals, parties and events to being able to collaborate on exciting future projects.”

Callen adds: “It’s definitely the case of onwards and upwards as we have so much more to look forward. Our main aim is to continue promoting the album and spread our music as far and wide as possible.”

To book Acoustic Element or ALT EGO, contact manager Lauren Parks on or 081 510 3062.